About Ecstatic Dance Movement

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Gandhi


“Body Choir Ecstatic Dance gets you out of your head, into your body, and into each others’ bodies. It’s bumpy and sweaty and sometimes deeply moving. It’s always joyful.”

Stephen Kieslng Editor-in-Chief, Spirituality & Health

Follow your innocence.
Lean on your integrity.
Stretch your values of diversity.
Grasp opportunities to be seen, heard and felt.

photo_bc_04-150x150Express your creativity, it’s your gift to the world!




You know it’s true- There’s no place like home. If you’ve gone further than your own back yard YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR!

Ecstatic Dance Movement builds community! We’ve been dancing since 1989.

The movement of Ecstatic Dance has inspired community dance from Austin Texas to San Miguel de Allende Mexico; from the Big Island Hawaii to Seattle Washington.

Now it’s our mission to spread community dance like wildflowers around the globe.

dancing makes you smarterEcstatic Dance Movement (EDM) honors the spiritual practice of movement and human connection.

It’s a 2 hour dance experience inviting raw and spontaneous combustion of ‘awe-thentic’ expression in dance form.


We build community through dance by supporting and encouraging authentic, spontaneous, diverse expression. We invite all ages and physical abilities,

religious-socio-economic status, gender preferences, and ethnic and sexual orientation.

Building community through dance heals wounds of separation between each other, between us and nature, and between us and Spirit.hard times furious dance

We believe that separation (alienation) from self, from other, from nature, society and Spirit cause disease, hence EDM encourages connection with self, others and Spirit.

EDM is non-verbal movement with conscious presence and authentic expression invoking the divine that exists within all beings. Each dance invokes connection, individually and collectively, and concludes with sharing and community exchange.

EDM is valued for the impact it has on individual, family, and community evolution and its resulting contribution to world peace.einstein dance our dreams


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